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So that’s it. The excitement of Christmas has dwindled down and now we are left with the anticipation of the new year! (Only 361 more days until the next Christmas!)  The post-Christmas feeling is beyond a doubt a depressing one, but I definitely got some amazing gifts to enjoy in the mean time:) I didn’t get many presents from Santa (pssh..rude), but my family and friends know me very well! I just now began to unveil the insides of all the boxes. Sometimes I just love to have all the boxes in a pile so I can stare at the beauty of new gifts! One gift I just couldn’t keep in the box is my new MacBook Air. It’s a beauty for sure. I’m SOOO thankful that I can now bring my computer to and from class (it weighs a mere 2.4 pounds! Thanks dad!) Among my most prized gifts is my LLbean boots that my grandma bought me. I was seriously SO excited as I was opening them! The lady who made my boots even put a little card inside and signed her name. I love the fact that these boots are made in America (Maine to be exact) and the quality is amazing. They will last me years! The monogrammed vest was another thing that I’ve been wanting for a while. My grandma ordered it and chose the thread color, gold, and I absolutely adore it!

Next we have the monogrammed rose gold bracelet! This one was a gift from my boyfriend and he knows that rose gold and monograms are some of my favorite things. I also got a Remington Curling Wand (much better than the Conair wands in my opinion),  a compact Bare Minerals foundation (perfect because it has 20 spf and can fit easily into a side pocket of a purse!),  a new bed set from Target (purple, gray, and lace!), a beautiful prayer journal from my boyfriend’s stepmom, Phil Robertson’s Happy Happy Happy, and lots of pretty socks from my dad, best friend, and her mom! (Oh and I can’t forget the Bath and Body Works lotion- Vanilla Bean Noel! Perfect winter scent given to me by my boyfriend’s stepmom!

In addition to these items, I got the Vanilla Cupcake Yankee Candle (along with air fresheners for my car yippee!) This scent is my absolute favorite. If you love sweet smells, get this one! I also had some nail polishes in my stocking such as Essie’s ‘bikini so teeny’, Sinful Colors ‘Cinderella’, Sally Hansen’s Rapid Red, and a black nail art pen. Clothing wise, I got a sequined periwinkle shirt from Kohls and a sparkly pair of black skinny jeans thanks to my best friend Esther:)

I know these posts can raise a bit of uneasiness, or come across as “bragging” but I honestly love these kinds of posts! I think it’s exciting to see what people got and what interests them. I post this to show my excitement and appreciation for the gifts I received, that is all:) Hope you all enjoy! God truly blesses me beyond what I could imagine…<3

with love, samm.




4 thoughts on “what I got for Christmas!

  1. Oh I am right there with you..Daisy of Grace. I love showing people what I got..not at all bragging..as not only do I feel loved getting gifts for whatever occasion..it shows the person that gave it to me..that not only the Thanks I gave them when they gave it to me..I want to show and share with all my friends, hoping that makes their heart feel the care they blessed me with in remembering me. I even lots of times..still send them a Thank you card…YOU keep right on Sharing, Spirit In Thy Sky

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