faux sho’









fur vest (available at target in stores) // black top // olive green jeggings // similar black/gold hat // earrings- clearance from Charming Charlie // black bow flats // red lipstick 

Faux fur vests? Really? Yes really. They’re in style and I absolutely love it. I purchased this beige fur vest from Target just the other day and love how it can add life to an otherwise simple outfit. Paired with a black hat with gold chain embellishment, my signature red lip, and black flats with a bow all tie this ensemble together in perfect harmony. If you’re afraid to purchase one of these vests- don’t be! They can be added on top of almost any outfit and look adorable.

Colored jeans are totally in as well. Stock up your closet with all colors- burgundy, olive green, cobalt blue. They’re all beautiful additions to one’s wardrobe. I bought this particular pair from American Eagle (where I get basically all of my jeans!) and they’re SO comfy! My favorite AE jeans are the jeggings. So soft, so comfortable, and so cute.

Hope you all are having a beautiful week filled with lots of smiles! Oh and if you’re wondering where I bought that frost-bitten, red nose look- it came free with the lovely 30 degree weather.  ;)

With love, Samantha.


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